Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Lifesavers and Timesavers

The Lifesavers and Timesavers

Virtual Assistants have a reputation for being very tech savvy.  It seems to come with the territory and the nature of how we work.  However, trust me, not all of us are up with the latest gadgets and apps on the market.  At the end of the day, we can only be as tech smart as the clients we work with. There are millions of apps, and sites out there that make useful tools but here are just 5 of my all time favorites and they are not just for VA’s.
You know the ten thousand things you are trying to keep straight in your head and all those “To Do” list you keep writing and losing?  Remember The Milk helps you keep track of those and keeps them handy in one little app.  You can set up schedules for ongoing tasks and little reminders for one of jobs.   Whilst there are lots of apps and software that does the same thing, I particularly like this one.   It’s cute and very user friendly.
Working from home can be very isolating.  If you find it difficult to work in complete silence and like the sounds of low level background noise to make you feel sane and not quite so alone, you may enjoy Coffitivity.  It plays the sounds of a busy café whilst you work.  I can also recommend which offers the sound of the ocean as well as rain or forest noises if nature is more your thing.  (Great for a relax or meditation too!)
This site has changed my life.  If you love being able to have all your music with you no matter where you go in the world.  Spotify is for you.  Listen to your favorite album, artist or create a play list of your own or check out some of the playlists people have uploaded for great mixes for parties, a romantic dinner or a wind down over Sunday breakfast.  Love it!
I have whiled away many hours just searching through all the cool items on Fiverr.  Fiverr is the world's largest marketplace for digital services. Some very talented people offer their services on Fiver for as little as start at $5, (hence the name).  Everything from getting photo of a dog holding up a sign with your company logo, to a professional radio announcer style voiceover.  I promise you hours of fun.

I have clients that travel a lot and sometimes the people they want to Skype or call don’t live in the same city that they do.  Organising a meeting with a person can always be a little bit stressfull and I always get nervous that I might have got it wrong.  This handy tool helps me to know I got it right every single time.  Just plug in the date and time of where you are and it the city where your attendee is located and the softeware will do the rest.  A life saver!

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