Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Lotto Question

I was asked recently, “would I still do this job if I won lotto?”  It took me a while to answer but I have to admit I probably would.  Why?  I hear you ask?   Well, this took me some time to come up with a logical answer.
The truth is, I actually like what I do for a living.  I like being my own boss.  I like my clients and I’m very good at what I do.   
Now, I’m going to get a little philosophical here,  but I firmly believe we are all put on this Earth for a reason and if you have a skill and not utilizing it to further mankind in some small way, you are wasting your time here.  Each of us has a talent, a contribution to make.  Some people take longer to find their strengths than others.  That’s OK.  I know what my strengths are and when I consider my response, I think the reason I would want to keep doing what I do is because I know it adds value.  I know I am enhancing other peoples working lives and experiences and helping them to also achieve “great things”.
Would it be lovely to practice my skills without the added pressure of making a living?  Absolutely.  Would it be nice to pick and choose and only do the things that inspire and lift me? You betcha!  Would I work quite so many hours a week…..hmmm maybe not but I think the ones I did work could be my greatest yet.
I’ll keep buying my lotto ticket but I don’t think I need to worry about making those decisions just yet.  Good thing I like my job.

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