Monday, 17 June 2013

The Thank You Card

I think the power of the Thank You Card is under rated by the world.  

This week I received a lovely, sincere, heart-felt Thank You from a client and a brand new client to boot.  What a great way to start a working relationship!  I didn’t think I had done anything extraordinary with this client but apparently my assistance was greatly appreciated and they had wanted to acknowledge it with something a little more personal than just putting a cheque in the mail.

This simple act has put such a bounce in my step for the rest of the week.  I felt really Pleased with a capital P.  Pleased with myself for doing a good job.  Pleased with my client for acknowledging my efforts.  Pleased with the person in my network who referred said client to me.  Pleased with the postie who delivered my card.  Pleased with … well the world as a good and happy place.

Now before you diagnose me with a personality disorder, stop and think how much nicer the world would feel if we all took a moment to write a simple Thank you.

Receiving my Thank You card inspired me to do the same.  I sent a heart-felt Thank You to the person who referred this client to me.  

I wonder if he is bouncing around his office too.

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