Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Bargain Basement VA

All Virtual Assistants are not the same.  

Much like clothing brands or shoes there are the bargain basement Kmart end of the spectrum right up to the luxury designer labels or Jimmy Choos.  So it is with Virtual Assistants.
I often get asked if I worry about losing my clients to a cheaper outsourced version of me in India or China, for example.

Many of my clients are high net worth individuals.  Some are more high profile than others.  The one thing they have in common is they are not looking for a bargain basement assistant.  They are looking for a high caliber assistant that compliments them and their respective businesses.  

They want an assistant that can handle independent decision making, who can act, respond and represent them in their absence.  An assistant who has the nous to tackle any situation, acts with integrity and professionalism  and who’s all encompassing brief is to “add value” and make their client’s day easier.  Most, don’t care what the service costs they just want things done and done right.

There will always be a place in the market for bargain basement VA’s and there will always be clients who hire their VA’s based purely on price.  I know this is not the market I want to operate in.

My rates reflect my years of experience and my qualifications and my clients get so much more than just an administrative assistant when they hire me, they get a business person and a very competent extra pair of hands.

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