Sunday, 25 August 2013

The First Time

I still remember my first ever client….. and I’m proud to say they still are my client.

I remember launching my business and sitting in my office waiting for the phone to ring.  I’d marketed my backside off and handed out my card to anyone who would stand still long enough and then…..finally.

I was so nervous as I stumbled my way through the conversation.  I gave them my pricing for the task and they didn’t flinch.  I was hired.

The job itself was pretty simple.  A couple of Powerpoint presentations. Nothing too difficult.  Just some overflow work for a large company.  I couldn’t believe my luck.

But the real thrill.  The part of the process that had me hooked was producing my first invoice.  The inexplicable pride I felt at creating an income from nothing was extraordinary.  I had made that happen.  I had created that work.  I had made that money. To paraphrase Tom Hanks in Castaway “I have created fire!”

It was a powerful feeling to realise I can make my own money.  I’m no longer relient on somebody to give me a job and a pay cheque.  I can make my own income.  The experience was personal satisfaction on a scale I had never experienced.

Now, of course, I’m much more comfortable when the phone rings.  I’m not so desperate to land every client either and I know if they turn my down, it’s not me they don’t like, it’s my offer.  Nothing personal.  (Sometimes I even turn them down.)  However the thrill of making it happen has never left.  I love sending my invoices each week and I always stop to give myself a pat on the back and a “well done!”  

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